HAToM is a deep-tech 3D Immersive and interactive geospatial data visualization platform that offer a “bird’s eye view” of geographical locations and changes the way we use geospatial data

Deep-Tech Earth Digital Twin

HAToM Ecosystem -HAToM platform, Web app and Mobile apps- blends high-resolution Earth Observation data with proprietary software and disruptive technologies: Space technology, Computer Vision, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Fabrication, Big Data, Geospatial Intelligence, Extended, Mixed and Virtual Reality, Holograms. An Earth Digital Twin that enhances any project related to geospatial data.

“All-in-one” platform

HAToM combines static with dynamic data in real time; process multi-source data and get and process data from any external platform; users can visualize multiple layers simultaneously.

Simplify complex data and graphics

HAToM simplifies the management and understanding of complex georeferenced data with a unique software solution, which allows to make faster and more effective decisions. This revolutionary tool translates data in a universal language: the visual, facilitating the teamwork, a more realistic, much more understandable data.

Monitoring and planning tool

An effective and useful platform for monitoring and surveillance, simulations, planning and as prevention tool, for urban planning, mobility, citizen safety, security forces and rescue teams, natural resources management, natural disaster risk monitoring, extreme sports, tourism, etc.

Solutions for

smart cities

Smart Cities / Smart regions

enviromental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

natural resources management

Natural resources management

Natural disaster risk reduction

Natural disaster risk reduction

Security and rescue corps

Security and rescue corps

Exhibitions and museums

Exhibitions & Museums



Tourism and leisure

Tourism and leisure


To enhance the platform, and in general, the HAToM Ecosystem, we offer different optional modules.

Real timeReal Time

Combine dynamic data to get valuable information on what is going on: Traffic: vehicles, airplanes, vessels
Public transportation buses, trams, trains
Weather weather stations or external weather platforms

Artificial inteligence for Earth observationArtificial Intelligence for Earth Observation

HAToM uses AI tools to extract EO data, or any other geospatial data, to offer the best results for analysis or simulations.

Geolocation GNSS GPSGeolocation GNSS/GPS

Visualize tracking data on the HAToM Ecosystem elements integrating any GNSS device.


A great tool to work hands-free or interact with HAToM platform and any device connected to it, with a wide variety of sensors.

UAV DronesDrones

Connect the video streaming or sensors onboard your drone to receive data in the HAToM Ecosystem, in real time.

Video streamingVideo streaming & 360º

Connect your security or traffic cameras to HAToM Ecosystem tools. HAToM can also include 360º images or videos indoors or outdoors.

Internet of Things sensorizationIoT sensorization

Connect any kind of IoT sensor to HAToM Ecosystem to monitoring situations 24/7 .

Extended mixed and virtual realityExtended, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Greater features, greater immersivity and greater realism thanks to 3D disruptive technologies.


Geospatial data (DaaS)

Geospatial data subscriptions: static or dynamic, daily, weekly, monthly, annual.

Analytics (GIaaS)

Extract the maximum of the Earth Observation data or any other geospatial data with the HAToM Artificial Intelligence and Analytic services.

Software (SaaS)

Licenses of any component of HAToM Ecosystem.

Technical & Maintenance Services

Tailored maintenance and technical service agreements.

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